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Monthly Archives: December, 2022

Salvation Army Kettle Surprise

A Salvation Army Kettle Surprise Dec 19, 2022 I like doing the Salvation Army Christmas Kettle shifts. It makes me happy to be doing something that involves people and helps … Continue reading

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A Year Gone By…..

(A sort of poem…….) A Year Gone By I’m so surprised a year is gone.I don’t quite know what happened.But, on reflection, that’s a lie.I’ve been here since it opened. … Continue reading

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A Problem Discussed…..

A Facebook post from December 30, 2020 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ What is on my mind (since Facebook asked) is that I am worried about people thinking that taking this vaccine solves the … Continue reading

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Oh MY!!!! I did not know! Awesome!!!!!! @annj49

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Not Much Time Left!

It seems I am running out of year again! This time it is 2022 that is trying to leave. I am thinking…… What do I want/need to get done with … Continue reading

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Snow Day!

I saw the snow when I got up this morning and knew I would have to cancel my kettle shift, even though it’s not that far from where I live. … Continue reading

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This One Needs To Taste Heaven…..

This is an old writing from 2014 that I found in my notes and decided to post. I do not recall the incident shared with me, the friend who shared … Continue reading

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The Evolution (or devolution) of Language

Dec 2, 2020 I believe that language is a LIVING thing. It grows and changes, unless it is actually one of the “dead” languages, like Latin, which no one or … Continue reading

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This GREY fog lies like a blanket Concealing everything Muting the world In its suffocating embrace @Ann Justin, Jan 26, 2014  (For Poetry Challenge @ Christian     

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Conversion vs Regeneration…..

Jan 10, 2018 I love my old worn out Oswald Chambers devotional. I rescued it when it was totally falling apart from use, by putting the pages into my late … Continue reading

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A Strange Call

Draft Post: Oct 6, 2017 I have been plagued by strange phone calls lately…….the following a few minutes ago… Ring…….. Foreign Sounding Voice: ” Is this Miss Justeeeeeen? ”  Me, … Continue reading

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Sleep, or lack of….

Writing a Facebook post…..Dec13, 2018 “What’s on your mind?” asks Facebook……. Well, you asked……so here goes. Much Earlier:Sleep apparently left the building some time ago. Hope sleep makes it back … Continue reading

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10 Things…..

10 things you may not know about me….. PS: I like popping bubble wrap! What a great feeling. What a great SOUND!! Snap! SNAP! (I told you I don’t follow … Continue reading

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Saturday Six Word Story

 Saturday Six Word Story (A six word “story” based on a single word) Prompt for Week #109 (Dec 3, 2022 – Dec 9, 2022) “Love” Commitment. Cultivation. Concern. Challenge. … Continue reading

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Blogging Challenge!

Hey, all you bloggers out there! I’m challenging myself to post one blog a day (on average, at least) in December! Who’s IN? Who’s up for the challenge? I also … Continue reading

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One Liner Wednesday from Jan 24, 2018

Never published, but here it is. I can’t remember exactly what the challenge was, but it made an amusing sentence! Haha!!! One Liner Wednesday Jan 24, 2018 #1linerWeds. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ … Continue reading

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What in the World!?!?!?!?

Spotted this originally on a friend’s Facebook post. It made me smile and giggle 🙂 I decided to look into it a bit more. I was amazed! fascinated! Intrigued! I … Continue reading

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The Lesson in the Window

December 2, 2022 Another draft post I found that was never published!!!! So, here it is! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ June, 2018 The Lesson in the Window   I saw her in the … Continue reading

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A Friendship/Love Story

December 1, 2022 I wrote this story (Poem? Spoken Word ? Not sure what it is!) a long time ago but have decided to post it now. I may record … Continue reading

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