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A Journey With My Mom, #3

A Journey With My Mom, January 14-17, 2013,

Facebook post to friends.

Thanks so much for prayers!
Called Dave and he says my Mom has had a good day, first one in a long time, has been having some water and has talked to one brother and a sister for a few minutes each. I got to talk to her too! I asked her if she wanted me to come see her, and she said, slowly, but very clearly,


Miracles happen!


Another Facebook post….

Panic, panic!
No, really trying to stay calm and focused……
I leave the country on the 16th!
Got news mom was very sick and God made a way for me to come home to see her /

Jan 17, 2013, FB post

Well, I made it here but apparently my suitcase didn’t! It’s on the next plane!

Neither did my brother! He was going to meet me!

Right now I am just thanking The Lord for that nudging to check the label on my suitcase before check in. I had transferred it from another suitcase. It was a new label and it didn’t even have my name on it. I had to borrow a pen in the check in line up and get my name and phone number on it.
So glad I noticed, since it actually got lost!

Where is my brother????

Later FB post

Yay! I have both my suitcase AND my brother! /

I would not have been able to go see my Mom apart from the provision of some surprise funding that became available to pay for my return plane fare. Mixed feelings…….

Such a surprise! Such excitement! Such a blessing!

A stabbing fear that I might not even make it in time to see Mom alive.

A hard thought……

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