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A Journey With My Mom, #18

A Journey With Mom, February 6, 2013

Last day here with Mom, have to get on my way early tomorrow morning. Mixed feelings of course. Do not know where Mom goes from here.

There are two long periods of time when there is no one with her, for about 4 hrs each time, and that worries me. It has been good to be here to cover some of that time and to give extra liquids and foods in between the carer visits.

This afternoon, when I went into the room to get something, Mom opened BOTH eyes and looked right at me, I saw and said “Mom, your eyes are open! It’s Ann, can you see me?” And her face changed and she said “Huuuh?” expressing her surprise. I said, “It’s Ann, from Canada, Mom, your daughter, Ann”, and she smiled…. ❤

I told her I was so happy she opened her eyes TODAY and saw me, because I have been here for three weeks, looking after her and now I had to go home to my kids. She said, “Where are they?” So I told her, “In Canada…..and I told her they were both texting me on the phone right then…….about me coming home.

She then had some warm tea and then some warm tomato soup with equal parts of ensure in it for extra nourishment. Supped all three teaspoons of the soup, six teaspoons all together with the ensure mixed in….way more than usual and way easier.

Earlier today, she did the same thing with her custard for the carer, after I told her about mixing the ensure in with it.

You know, I was hoping for something today, and I am thanking God for what He gave me with my Mom just now. Opening her eyes and really seeing me, that was pretty special 🙂 /

❤ ❤ ❤

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