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An Attitude of Gratitude, Day 17

Day 17, An Attitude of Gratitude

Dec 17, 2012

Today I am thankful for the course I have been doing, Gospel Leader, I yr residency, with Converge Church here in Campbell River. It began in September and is led by Mark Myles, the pastor. He is doing a good job!

It has been good to meet with all the others doing this course, first by Skype, because I was in Manitoba when the course began, and now in person, as we gather on Sunday afternoons and discuss our reading homework. It’s really good to hear what others are thinking and learning, and to benefit from their experiences.

We have been working through Acts and now we are looking at the Pauline Epistles, both with BILD materials. Lots of theological reading 🙂

Then there are the Porterbrook Learning units, of which we have covered Gospel Living, Missional Community and are now working through Gospel Relationships. Those are very practical, I find, and often challenging to my thinking and being. Good stuff!

I am not as good at getting the written assignments done, which has surprised me because I usually really love the challenge of written work! I seem to have a block that definitely has to be removed ASAP! I think it may be a matter of disciplining myself to a particular time slot for writing, in the same way that I am keeping this journal 😉

I really enjoy learning of all kinds and plan to keep doing that in one form or another until I get too old or lose my learning capacity in some way. I especially enjoy learning things about God, the Bible and the practical application of the Gospel.

Thanks for the opportunity, Mark!

It’s a blessing!


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