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A Journey With My Mom, #14

A Journey With My Mom, Jan 31

Mom not wanting to suck from straw much today….refused to have a drink earlier. She seemed to be mouthing words but nothing was coming out. I asked her if she wanted to say something. Sounded like she said “You say something…..”

Carers came and found the same problem with the straw, but she did take a tiny bit of custard from a spoon. They noticed Mom was a bit “sniffly” ( a cold) and she was very upset when they moved her. Sounded like it really hurt.

I waited a little over an hour after they left and tried her with some juice again, but she did not want to suck on the straw. I asked her if she would like a bit of custard and she said softly, “custard”, so I prepared a couple of spoons of custard with 2 spoons of ensure in it, and she polished that right off! Very slow process but worth it to get some food inside Mom. The carers don’t really have the time it takes to feed her, because they have lots of other things to do for her too in the short time they are here.

I asked her if she would like some tea, and she whispered, “tea”, so I made some warm tea, and she had about three sips from the straw. Better than nothing.

Mom opened her eyes several times tonight, and I saw that myself, but I doubt if she actually sees anything much. It was exciting for me, anyway. Any response is exciting 🙂

One day at a time……

❤ ❤ ❤

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