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A Journey With My Mom, #6

January 22, 2013, Mom

I did not get much sleep (2 hrs) , was crying and praying in the night for Mom, for our family, for healing in all our relationships and just could not sleep. It was one of those scary “whatever it takes” prayers.

I got here tired and got Mom to have a couple of baby spoons of custard with ensure mixed in it and a few sips of warm juice. Then I sat beside her and put my hand in her arthritic misshapen hand and talked to her about how I knew now what it was like to be a Mom and have the children grow up and move away into their own lives, and how it was to really miss them, but I told her that I knew that my boys love me, even if I don’t get to see them a lot, and I cried and told her, “Mom, I know didn’t get to see you much over the years, but I’ve always missed you and always loved you and I hope you know that. I’m here now because I love you, Mom”

Well, when I tried to take my hand away to go let her rest, she had it in her grip, and would not let go, so I laid down beside her for a while and her hand pressed mine intermittently for quite some time before just holding peacefully. Almost fell asleep. It was a nice shared time where I just lay back, closed my eyes and prayed for God’s healing to flow through my hand to hers, by the power of His Spirit. Because I know He can…..

Later, we had a talk about her eyes, well, I talked to Mom about her closed eyes (shut so very tight for so long now) and the treatment she refused to let Dave give her, for Sjogren’s Syndrome. ” Do you just not want to see this big bad old world of ours any more, Mom? The drops will help your eyes” I told her I would ask Dave about trying it again.

Later, when the carers came, one got really excited, because she opened her eyes! Asked for tea, and drank a whole cup, as well as most of a bottle of ensure……I went in and she opened her eyes then also…..

She took a little bottle of yogurt from me afterwards and we tried some custard. It is pretty hard to get a spoonful in her mouth, so I told her, “Mom, you need to get your tongue working, so you can scoop up the yogurt and lick it off of your lips”. Well, she did an AMAZING job!!!!!! Solved THAT problem! Her tongue WORKS

On the whole, we are all encouraged today……I went home early to get some sleep….

Thank You, God!

❤ ❤ ❤

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