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A Journey With My Mom #11

A Journey With My Mom, Jan 28, 2013

Mom’s breathing has deepened in the last few days, sounding much heavier than before, not sure what that means for Mom, but it doesn’t seem good. It’s not really laboured, just much deeper, not so restful sounding.

She’s not really responsive…..taking a drink or some food is more of a task, but she still has a little. The carer said Mom opened her eyes tonight for her. This carer has grown very attached to my Mom and is worried about her.

I was able to hold hands with Mom a couple of times today, and just lay with her and pray for her. It’s a quiet and peaceful time and I just pray she will know my presence, but more especially, that she will know the presence of God, by His Spirit, and feel His peace and comfort.

Tonight when I touched her face and hair and brushed my cheek against hers and said goodnight, she said “Mmmmmm” and that was encouraging to me. I told her I’d see her tomorrow……

❤ ❤ ❤

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