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A Journey With My Mom, #9

A Journey with My Mom, Jan 25, 2013

Got very little sleep last night, maybe 2x2hr “naps” before I was fully awake til morning.

Came to see Mom, and gave her some tea. She only took a few sips. My brother called and spoke to her on speakerphone. I think Mom knew but had no real response. Seemed a bit tense today.

Carers came and went, managing to give her a spoon of vegetable soup and a couple of sips of tea, as well as repositioning her in the bed.

I brought her some tea this afternoon, of which she had only a couple of sips. She did, however, eat the two spoons of fruit flavored custard. That was encouraging, to see her licking the custard up from her lips. Who would have thought that something like that would be so rewarding?

Was enlisted to help twice with Mom’s repositioning today, something I have not done before. The carer was alone and it has to be carried out by two people. I was afraid I might hurt her, since I have heard her cry out on other occasions, but it all went well.

When I went in again to say goodnight, Mom looked directly at me with one eye open and said “Mmmmm…”


Love you, Mom ❤

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