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A Journey With My Mom, #17

A Journey With My Mom, Feb 4, 2013

Had a good talk with Dave yesterday about Mom. He reminisced about the old days, when Mom could still do things, how she loved to dance and sing, and go places. He talked about how she progressed into this current condition, where she can no longer get out of bed, pick up the phone to answer a call, or move much at all on her own, apart from one hand very slowly, or even really communicate with any of us.

We talked about how hard it must be to have all that slowly taken away, til all you could do was be ministered to by others. We talked about how she might be revisiting those places and times in her mind, when she seems to us to be so quiet and so distant, or even confused. We talked about Mom’s journey to death.

I told him my hopes for Mom. That in death, mom’s struggle with this life would be over and she could enter new life, with a new, completely healthy body, and the ability to laugh, sing and dance again, to be joyful. We are the ones who will be sad because we will miss her presence in our lives. Mom will be fully free to enjoy. That brings me hope.

We can only encourage Mom to finish well, and I believe she is. Her journey now, though a long and tiring one, seems to me a graceful one.

In my eyes, this is a journey of true grace and humility. She has been given the gift of dignity in dying in the relative comforts of her own home, attended by carers who love her and do what needs to be done for her.

She is a good “soldier”. She endures what remains for her. She indicates what choices she can. She sips from the straw, sips from the spoon. She says a few words. She can only accept what has become of her life and what people try to do for her as they minister to her out of love and concern. Dave is able to be by her side whenever he can, still sleeping by her side at night.

This is my Mom’s journey. ❤

Thanking God for my Mom…..

❤ ❤ ❤

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