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A Journey With My Mom, #7

January 23, 2013, A Journey With My Mom

It was a pretty good day with my Mom.

“What are you saying today Mom?” I asked when I went in…..
“Well, that’s something!” I laughed… She smiled…..AMAZING!

Gave Mom a tea, which she drank down with a straw and then some Complan, which is a liquid fortified meal. This one tastes like chicken soup and Mom went after that one like it was going out of style and she had to get it fast!

Mom had her hands up and out of the blankets today, which was encouraging after seeing her not able to raise them by herself yesterday. Was holding my Mom’s disfigured hands, and talking to her about how hard those hands have worked all her life and now they have to rest, but that one day she is going to have new hands…….. “Mmmm,” she said.

One day she is also going to have a new body, with no pain…..all her trials will be over. It’s hard to hear how painful it is for her when the carers have to work with her, or reposition her, which they do every visit, x4 a day.

I fell asleep on the couch in the living room for a couple of hours, then went to give Mom more tea and Complan, but she was having none of it. Would not open her mouth. She can still be STUBBORN! She had tea when Dave came home though, and was responding to his conversation. I could hear her quiet responses from the living room. Dave said she was trying to hold the cup…..

Went in to tell Mom I was going home and to say goodnight to her. I lay beside her on the bed and she opened her eyes and closed them again and moved her head a little closer to me and said a whole sentence, “Are you going to get him some too?” Maybe she was thinking about when I told her I was going to the store earlier. Not sure what she was thinking about. Was just surprised to hear a whole sentence!

I put my hand to her cheek and she slowly nudged her face into my hand. I noticed she was awfully sweaty, not hot, very cool, but very clammy and sweaty. Felt bad for her…..

I stroked her hair and said” I love you Mom” and she very clearly said “I love you too……” Brought me such a good feeling! Lifted my mood right up! Told her I would see her tomorrow…..God willing!

So sleepy…..goodnight!

Thanks for your prayers, everyone

❤ ❤ ❤

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