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A Journey With My Mom, #16

A Journey With My Mom, Feb 2, 2013

“How are you today, Mom? ”
“All right, thanks.”
:O !!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Ate up a custard with ensure in it (with great relish, judging from the licking of lips) and had a sip of tea. Seems to be enjoying the new mattress, which moves with airflow. Not complaining anyway. They said there will not be so much need for repositioning with this mattress. That will make it a little easier on Mom, hopefully.

Going to visit with my brother and his 2 sons tonight. That should be nice 🙂 I met his younger boy earlier on in my stay, with his Mom, and it was a nice visit and meal with them. Good to see family.

Tomorrow will be church, then time with Mom, then a very late night face time course with people from home. I will be “in class” online from 11:00pm til 1:00 am my time.

On Monday I will get a short visit in Perth with a friend from my Scottish teaching college days, and on Tuesday, I have a short visit with an online friend who lives down in England. It will be our first meeting. That will have to be a day trip. I am really looking forward to these two visits with lady friends. Should be a special time 🙂

Wednesday will probably be my last day with Mom, as I leave early on Thursday. I appreciate your prayers for my time left with my Mom 🙂

In all things, God’s will be done!


❤ ❤ ❤

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