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“Poetry” Offering, #6, To My Husband, James

To James………..



Some days are dark and drear

And the only thing that gives me cheer

Is when you hold me near

I love you, my dear.


I want to be the best wife for you

I want to be all that you’d want me to

Just tell me what it is that I can do

Because you know I love you.


I pray that the Lord will bless us with His love

And all the patience that comes from heaven above

That He will bring us through the times that are rough

I know His love is strong enough.


Ann Justin… unknown

I must have written this poem and put it in a card for James at some point in our marriage. I found it when I was going through his things after he passed away.


Note inside card….


He’s all we need and I’m so glad that we know Him. May He break us and mould us in His true love, so that we will be bound together perfectly in Him, according to His will.






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