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JusJoJan, #6, Reading


My Utmost for His Highest, an Oswald Chambers devotional, has to be one of my most favourite books (there are a few) besides my bible. This one is actually my husband’s copy I have been using since my old one is still somewhere in Kyuquot, at my old house, I think.

My old one was a small paperback and fell apart from much reading, so that I had to separate the rest of the pages, punch holes and reinstall pages into a little old yellow forestry binder of my husband’s. I know I have a pic of it somewhere but I can’t find it right now. It’s pretty cool! And of course, is all underlined, highlighted and commented upon 😉 When I find it, I will add the pic here also,

When I found this copy after my Jim passed away, it brought tears to my eyes and then huge sobs as I looked inside and read the inscription from me to him. Funny how we take nothing with us. Everything is left behind, and what does it all mean now, I ask, as I discover my messages to him written in books and cards of all kinds? Lord, what does it mean?

Makes you think, doesn’t it?

AJ ❤


2 comments on “JusJoJan, #6, Reading

  1. cdog5
    January 7, 2015

    Very nice post, Ann. ☺️

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