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An Attitude of Gratitude, Day 14

Day 14, An Attitude of Gratitude.

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Dec 14, 2012

Today I find it hard to write this gratitude journal, even though I have EVERYTHING to be thankful for! My heart aches for those who lost little ones today in the school shooting (Sandy Hook Elementary School). What a tragedy!

I cannot imagine the shock, the pain and the grief, though I know a little from the loss of my husband. So many losses at once….so many broken hearts. I wonder about the impact on the remaining little lives.

God help us to treasure the time we have with our little ones. Help us to live fully the moments we have. Help us to reach out to those around us who need comfort. Help us to know how to pray when that is the only thing we can do…..

Father, surround these grieving ones with love, compassion and care in the midst of their pain. My heart cries out to You! It’s all I can do…….

This helplessness draws me to You, and for that I can be thankful. I am thankful as I wait for my own little family to come together this Christmas for the first time since we lost James.

I am thankful for the new baby born to an online friend this morning. Thank You Father for the treasure of this one new precious little life today……..

AJ ❤

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