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A Journey With My Mom, #4

January 17 and 18, 2013, Mom

Got in to Bridge of Earn late, stopped off at the B&B to drop off my things and then went to see Mom. When the “carer” lady told her I was here, one of her eyes popped open (they say she doesn’t open her eyes much any more, because they hurt).

It was good to sit awhile with her, even though I was tired from the almost 2 days of travel. Watching the people who come into care for her, the “carers”, I’m touched by how they handle her. It’s good to know that they do care about my Mom. Carer is a really good word for them.
Two of them come in four times a day to attend to her needs.

She gets a tiny bit of nourishment in during the day, some ensure (not enough), a couple of spoons of broth, some yogurt and a few sips of juice, a nutritional chocolate mix, or tea every now and then. It’s not much but she was refusing everything before, so it is an improvement……

Jan 18, got Mom to drink some juice today. She almost drained the glass! Got her a magic bag because she says she is cold. She enjoyed the warmth next to her.

I take her hands and hold them to warm them up. They are all crippled but one, her pointer, is straight out. She uses it to rub her nose or her ear, when something is bothering her, and sometimes just to point and try to say something, but she can’t get the words out of her mouth. Must be frustrating! When her hand was warmed up she slowly raised my hand to her mouth, I am guessing to “kiss” it. She just “lipped ” it and rubbed her chin on it.

I’m glad I came here, just for these moments with Mom. Sometimes I just watch her…….like I used to just watch my beautiful baby son when he was born, just admiring the miracle of life.

I’m just taking in my Mom……..

She’s not the same any more, but as long as she is “loaned” to me, she’s still my MOM!

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