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A Journey With My Mom, #5

January 21, 2013, Mom

My Mom is a little more responsive today than yesterday, but still no attempt to speak. She took some custard from me today and then some warm tea, but wouldn’t have the ensure. Sipping through the straw seemed to be a bit of a task just now.

3pm: Noticed my Mom was moving her head a little, so giving my Mom some warm juice, just hoping to provide some liquid and some comfort. She took a few sips. Feel so helpless. Wish I could take away some of her pain, ease her time somehow but all I can really do is be here and do what I am doing.

Spent some time praying for my Mom. Praying that her time of silence with us all can be a time when she is talking to God, who knows her intimately and who loves her dearly, more than any one of us could ever know or understand. Praying also that maybe it could be a time of her mind being able to think about and relive some of the happier moments of her life, to bring some form of relief.

Talked to Mom’s doctor on the phone today and we will likely have a sit down face to face talk sometime before I go home. She filled me in a lot on Mom’s background over the years, and on her very noticeable deterioration this time around. She said they are just trying to make sure my Mom is as comfortable as she can be for as long as need be.

I’m thankful for everyone involved in my Mom’s care program……my Mom is in their hands, but she is also in God’s hands.

❤ ❤ ❤

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