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A Journey With My Mom, #12

A Journey With My Mom, Jan 29, 2013

My mom greeted me with a whimper this morning…..sad. Do not know if she is in pain. Will try to give her a drink….not wanting to suck this morning, though she took the straw in her mouth. Not responding to my brother’s voice on the phone either. Maybe it is just not a good day….

Half hr later, mom has some teaspoons of custard with ensure in it, and a few sips of tea. That makes me feel better…..

Mom was naughty about her pill today. Would not swallow it for Dave.
It was melting in her mouth and must have tasted frightful because I could hear her complain from the other room.

I thought I would give her a sip of tea for it. Well, she spit the remainder into the head of the straw! Way to go Mom! I could not help but laugh at her ingenuity! As well as her stubbornness!

Another day with my Mom…

❤ ❤ ❤

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