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A Journey With My Mom, #13

A Journey With My Mom, Jan 30, 2013

Mom had a pretty good day today, nutrition wise.

She ate up what I gave her (soup and custard, both with some ensure added) and she drank quite a bit (a whole glass of juice and some water). She talked a bit, but I could not understand what she said. Her eyes remained closed.

The carers were happy with her today, since she ate and drank for them too. One lady said she sees noticeable improvement from 2 weeks ago.

I held hands with Mom for awhile and prayed for her. I find comfort in this for myself and I pray my Mom can feel my presence and my touch, as well as the Spirit of God touching her mind and spirit through prayer. She doesn’t say anything, but I just have to trust God for her.

Only one week left to be here…’s going to be hard to leave, when the time comes…..

That’s it for today, folks!

Goodnight ❤

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