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Take Kindly the Counsel of the Years

Loving this line from “The Desiderata” and pondering a little upon it. Much food for thought in that little sentence.

I think “Take kindly the counsel of the years” talks about our attitude to aging and learning wisdom. We are to take it kindly, not crossly, or grudgingly, or in self pity, but accepting and appreciating the things we are taught. That’s sometimes hard to do, especially when things get difficult. Sometimes it’s easier to rail against the process.

Life experience contains many different kinds of blessings and losses, both of which can be immensely instructional, if we choose to let them be so. Both can be considered “gifts” inside of which we can find “treasures” of many kinds, if we care to see them.

We can loose our friends, our family members, our hearing, our sight, use of our limbs. Sometimes it seems like one loss after another. These losses teach us to appreciate and value what we have while we have it. There is much of a precious nature to be learned in these times of loss or difficulty. Disguised gifts.

Cancer taught me about death (had to finally face my fears) and about my priorities, my family, my friends. The disfiguration of my breast was difficult to take. One area of my body I was happy about was now scarred and ruined in my eyes, though it doesn’t seem to matter so much any more. I’m alive……

“Gracefully surrendering the things of youth” is what I am having to do. The breast is part of that process, so are the wrinkles and the aches and pains. How to be graceful about it? Attitude. Acceptance. Letting go. Seeing the new “beauty”, even in aging. Giving thanks……

We all need to learn how to give thanks in everything. Not easy at times, but not entirely impossible in most instances. God will show us how, if we will only seek Him. Ask for understanding and wisdom. He will grant it.

Kindness and grace come from Him in good measure. This is what I have experienced over the years as I’ve sought Him in all things. He can take any situation or circumstance and fill it with His wondrous beauty, His unfailing love, and the matchless presence of His Spirit. This act of God results in giving us an ability to approach the stuff of life with much kindness and grace, by the power of His Spirit working in us and through us. A deep thing of veritable joy.

Here is one version of “Desiderata”. I hope it is a blessing to you ❤

AJ ❤


PS. Dec 28, 2017. Rereading this and realized I really needed this for myself today.

I have been all out of sorts and a bit grumpy due to vertigo attacks recently. It’s no fun getting dizzy, losing balance, falling unexpectedly and feeling totally nauseous. I still need to remember God’s grace and be thankful for family, friends and neighbors who look out for me during these times. That’s where the grace of God lies in the midst of it all.

AJ ❤

3 comments on “Take Kindly the Counsel of the Years

  1. roweeee
    October 16, 2015

    Thank you Ann for sharing these beatings of your heart. It is good to be reminded to be grateful in everything and to try to find the silver lining. Sometimes I wish I could go back to my late teens when I was at university and then something comes back to remind me that I don’t want to go back. That I no longer fit in those shoes and have such a different outlook. I am right where I want and am meant to0 be…breaks and all! xx Rowena

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