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On Being Thankful

Happy Thanksgiving!

I must admit to being in a bit of a slump this Canadian Thanksgiving weekend. I was feeling lonesome and more than a bit sorry for myself, sad to say….missing my husband, who passed away 9 years ago, and my family, my two boys, who have gone off and made their own lives. I’m happy for them. Don’t misunderstand me.

Being on a low income, and therefore a tight budget, can become depressing, as well as living alone, amongst elderly people who are slowly degenerating and making more frequent visits to the hospital with a variety of age related ailments. My cheery neighbour, and good friend, George, is hospitalized again with a stroke, and struggling to keep the use of his left arm and leg, with the help of physio. I normally visit him frequently since he lives just down the hall, but now I need to visit him in his hospital bed. Hopefully he recovers well.

So, I was feeling this way and wondering what to do with myself this holiday weekend. Usually Monday is one of my busiest days, beginning with Senior’s yoga class, followed by a friendly visit with a Better At Home client, and then square dance in the evening. However, all this social activity was cancelled for the holiday. So, what to do?

My nephew called and showed up on Saturday with a big fish, cut into two fillets, and a bag of potatoes, bless his heart. Because I was tired,  I quickly cut up the fish to boil with potatoes and onions and we ate and sipped on the broth. Yummy! Delicious! Then we watched Netflix.

My nephew showed up Sunday too and I baked the other fillet with herbs, lemon and butter, and boiled some rice also with herbs, lemon and butter, and we had a feast. It was wonderfully tasty. We watched some more Netflix, and I thanked him for coming by. He had been lonely too.

I stayed up late after he left and so I slept in this morning, thinking there was no reason to worry about it at all. It would likely be a lonely day with all my usual activities cancelled. However, my phone rang. My son was at the building door!

I buzzed him in and scrambled out of bed. So happy to hear his voice! Wow! How cool was this! I had not seen him for months because he had been away sports fishing/guiding on the west coast.

My apartment door bell was ringing loudly and there he was. Hugged him up and enjoyed this lovely surprise. He was hungry and wanted to cook me breakfast, so I got out the potatoes, sausage, eggs and onions, and off he went. He enjoys cooking. We ate together and caught up on our news.

He had been camping, roughing it at a wilderness cabin for a few days. He was tired and fell asleep after cooking, eating, and chatting. As I sit here writing and listening to him breathing and snoring quietly, I am content, and very thankful.

Life is good! Full of little surprises, but very good. I’m happy!

Thank You, Lord, for this very special blessing of a Thanksgiving weekend! I’m enjoying this worship song…….hope you enjoy it too!

Happy Thanksgiving!

AJ ❤

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