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Deal Day!

Wow! I’m AMAZED!

I wasn’t particularly looking forward to the day. I had to go have an annual diagnostic imaging done. It has been 5 years now of being cancer free. I pray it stays that way.

Before I left, I attached a note to the laundry room door that said I would not be using my scheduled laundry hours today, in case someone wanted to use my time. I know at least one lady who appreciates the extra time.

I drove down island to my appointment. It was a pleasant drive. No problem, except for trying to charge my phone without the the cigarette lighter part being plugged in! A friend had looked at my car and perhaps unplugged everything 😉

When I arrived at the hospital, it seemed that there was no parking to be had. I drove around, hoping someone would be leaving soon. Round once more. Ah! Two people heading for vehicles, a lady and a tall fellow with an interesting beard.

I decided to drive around again to whichever spot opened up first. On my way, I found another spot. I got parked and then the bearded fellow showed up waving a ticket. “This is paid for another 2 hours, if you would like to use it”

Would I? Most certainly! I love the way people do this in this parking lot. It’s not the first time I have been given free parking..




My appointment went smoothly, unlike the last one, which had hurt. This technician was very gentle and there was no pain. She checked the images, communicated with the Doctor to see whether anything further was required. No, all GOOD! YAY!!!!

On my uneventful way home, listening to a mix of praise and worship songs (my taste in music  is a bit eclectic) and singing along with complete impunity, I decided I better shop for a few necessities. I had only two things in mind at the time, coffee and a Crystal deodorant.

I stopped at London drugs, found the deodorant, and got a couple of coffees on sale, YAY! I had just received my tax return, so I thought I would take a look around to see whether I could find myself a treat of some sort, with my refund. I really had nothing particular in mind.

I scanned my way through some isles, admiring pretty things and useful things and found myself at the small appliance aisle. Ah, let’s see what they have for convection ovens, I thought. I have wanted one for SOOOO long now.

I stopped to look at what might be one and a sales lady approached. She showed me where to find them, and pointed out a few. I was searching for the one I found originally a few years back that had a special rack for fries. I could not remember the name. At the time, it was too expensive for my budget, but I look for that one every time I browse small appliance ailes. The sales lady helped me look.

All of a sudden, I SAW it! Could not believe it! The saleslady was as happy as I was! We checked it out. Yes! It had the special wire basket for the fries! AND…….it was ON SALE!!! It was HALF the usual price! How COOL was that!




Both the saleslady and I were excited 😉 She carried it proudly to the till as if she had just found a good deal for HERSELF! 🙂

The lady at the till rang up my purchases and informed me that I could have a bottle of free multivitamins with my purchase today. WOOHOOOO! This IS my day!




Well, armed proudly  with my new toaster/convection oven, and my other purchases, I made my way home. When I got to my apartment door, I found a note of thanks from a lady who had been glad of the gift of my scheduled laundry time, and a little box of chocolates from another lady who just likes to surprise me every once in a while! How lovely! Two more unexpected surprises!




Wow! How to end a special day! I have been so BLESSED, and now I get to WRITE about it! How good is that?




God is good. I have been a bit on the rough side for a while now and I really needed a day like this. So UPLIFTING! Just one blessing after another. Thank you, whoever prayed for me. I know someone did. You don’t have a day like this every day. My heart is full. Thank You, Lord, for the blessings!  \o/


Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 6.52.05 PM.png


HOPE y’all enjoyed my day right along with me. It was my pleasure to share it  😉

Ann ❤

9 comments on “Deal Day!

  1. Bernadette
    May 4, 2016

    Your day was very special but your gratitude post is even more special. So happy your testing came back ok and the day was such such a gift.

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  2. suesuzzz
    May 4, 2016

    This is such an amazing day for you..I believe you deserve it always..Thank you for sharing it really made me smile inside and out…Seems like you have some good people around you that care in life and on here ; ) So happy for you gurl!!!.. may GOD continue to bless you today and everyday…

    Liked by 1 person

    • annj49
      May 4, 2016

      Glad my story made you smile.
      I’m truly blessed to have such wonderful people around me. I firmly believe God has placed them in my life, almost like angels. Coincidence just doesn’t cut it. Sometimes I can’t get over what happens and just have to share….
      God is GOOD!

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      • suesuzzz
        May 4, 2016

        Yes it did make me smile and made me put a little more faith in others as
        well…(long story)….Yes you are so lucky to have such wonderful people around you (I need to find people like this in my real life..I have wonderful friends as I call them on here)that I am blessed with…They are like angels watching over you (us) I am so with you about coincidence nope doesn’t cut it here with me either ..It’s GODS work for sure.. I am not into organized religion but I have strong faith and believe in God he is everything I am very spiritual I would like to try this one church out but unable at this point but I believe as long as you are talking about God and the bible like with my dad and I and my better half then you are at church..My dad has a sister that is a nun and has spent almost something like 65 years serving the lord.. Dad hasn’t been a catholic since the 60’s he has tried other religions and my parents let me try them out when I was younger so I like to learn about other religions …I may not understand a lot of things in the bible but I do like to read it and learn…If you don’t mind what religion are you? if you don’t want to answer I completely understand… I guess if I would have to say .. I would say maybe baptist But I don’t know ..anyways if I get to personal just say ..If you have any questions for me feel free to just ask my feelings don’t get hurt that easy lol…
        Yes God is really GOOD!!!..And again such an inspiring blog enjoyed it..In this world of so much hate going on it was nice to hear a great true story..

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        • annj49
          May 4, 2016

          I’m non-denominational. Sometimes I say I’m a penta-bapti-non denominationalist, because I have a touch of Pentecostal, a bit of Baptist, and I like to be non denominational. I also enjoy Salvation Army. I’m a born again believer. That’s really what I prefer to say.

          I don’t think God uses labels like we do. I think he just looks at our heart condition towards Him, not our denominational label or what church we attend.

          I don’t even like to call myself religious because of the connotations around that today. So much negativity towards the institutionalized church and religion.

          I see religion as man trying to reach God by his own efforts and merit, whereas my life with God is more like a relationship, with Him reaching down to me and acting in my life in His love, mercy and forgiveness, despite my shortcomings.

          I hope that helps…… ❤

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          • suesuzzz
            May 4, 2016

            Perfect and I agree with all that you said..
            I see that I believe in what you said pretty much that same way lol…
            it’s the relations ship between God and myself not a church and someone reading the bible and telling it the way he/she believes..
            Well that is why I said or ment to say I AM spiritual more than religious I don’t really care for labels as well I believe we have enough of those ..I believe in God I am human I sin I ask for forgiveness ….
            Again I agree 1000% with you..I thank you for answering not many want to talk about this kind of things due to fighting but when I read your post I knew that you believed and just wanted your opinion I knew either way it wouldn’t change getting to know you or anything like that
            so thank you for your time and understanding…Yes it did help ..I got to know more about you… : )

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  3. annj49
    May 4, 2016

    I won’t know the result til I see the doctor, but I was happy that they did not need to do any more than the regular screening, as they sometimes do when they think they see something. I guess the pics they took were good enough as they were.

    I believe this is my last visit with the surgeon this year if my results are good. He has been very happy with my healing from surgery and my general progress so far. It has been 5 years since surgery and radiation.

    Yes, I considered the day a real gift from God, especially after how I had been feeling in general. I very much needed a lift of the spirit and He gave me a full day of it through the people around me.

    That’s our awesome God 🙂


  4. saleslady371
    May 17, 2016

    Hi, Ann:
    How uplifting to read about your day and one blessing after another. I am so glad God poured out His favor on you so that we who read about it can breathe in the encouragement!

    Liked by 1 person

    • annj49
      May 17, 2016

      Thank you! I’m always amazed by blessing on my life and always happy to share. I’m glad you were encouraged. Praise the Lord! ❤


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