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An Attitude of Gratitude, Day 24

Day 24, An Attitude of Gratitude

Dec 24, 2012

Today I am thankful for the privilege of being a Mom.

As I prepare to bring my family together today for our traditional Christmas Eve dinner, something we have not done together since James passed from this life to the next, I am very thankful for the privilege I have to be a Mom to my 2 boys.

Now, I haven’t always been the best Mom, but I tried to do the best I could! There is no real guidebook to parenting, apart from God’s word on the subject. We learn generally by experience on the job. We make many mistakes because we are just human, after all is said and done.

But this Christmas, I wanted to be a Mom to my boys, to make them a good meal and give them a Christmas kinda like the old days. And I wanted to have the first real Christmas with Jayden, who is now 7. It was fun to wrap gifts and make up stockings for them all.

It was my pleasure this evening to sit at the table with my young men and my granddaughter, to eat our meal, and later on to watch them open all the surprises  😉 Musta fed them well, since they both fell asleep after dinner and gifts!

Tonight I enjoyed just being Mom, and having a family…..

❤ ❤ ❤

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