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A Journey With My Mom, #1

A Journey With My Mom, #1

This is a bit of a difficult write for me, as it’s very emotional, but I really want to share these experiences, which can come to us at any time, as we contemplate and deal with the potential loss of a parent. I went through this with my Mom early in 2013. I was told by the family that she was dying, so I flew from Canada to Scotland to be with her for 3 weeks, and, since it might be the last time I saw Mom, I wanted to treasure that time in the form of a daily journal. This writing is a result of that time spent with my Mom.

My Mom is still with us today, and just got out of hospital again, so all this is once more fresh in my memory. The thought that she IS dying, though it’s a very slow and degenerative process of the body, and that I am so very far away, still is a matter of much grief.

Though there is much sadness in this sharing, there is also much comfort and hope, and being with my Mom was such a blessing. I shared with others in a different format and it became a blessing to them. This is why I will do the same here.


This is a poem about Mom…..

I wrote this poem out of the experience I had with my Mom in Jan 2013.

I had played this song on my phone for Mom (the song linked below) as I lay on the bed with her one day, holding hands, praying for her…..

She had grasped my hand tight….

I saw a tear roll down from her eye…

Precious moments….

A poem was born.


She lays quietly in her bed
Not a peep….
Drifting in and out of an unknown place
That we can only know as sleep

Her misshapen, gnarled hands move
Slowly exploring
Her chin, her nose, her ear, her brow
Relentlessly discovering

Where does she go?
My prayer is that it is to God
To quiet communion with Him
Who matters the most

Sipping nourishment through a straw
Lifted to change
Repositioned in the bed by caring hands
Sheets and blankets rearranged

How long, Mom?
How long must you endure?
Before you see the King of Kings
And know new life for sure!

A few words here and there
Slurred of speech
But precious as the rarest gem
And almost out of reach

I love you, my dearest and only Mom
Do you know?
I wish you only Jesus Christ
Fly to Jesus, Mom! Go!

In Him, you will be whole again
In Him…….free
In Him, there will be no more pain
And your shut eyes will once again see

I’m torn, Mom, wanting you to stay
With us, here
But placing you in God’s good hands
And trusting Him with my fear

Fly to Jesus, Mom!

Fly to Jesus!

And LIVE…….


Come To Jesus, Chris Rice:


Ann Justin, Jan 25, 2013

One comment on “A Journey With My Mom, #1

  1. annj49
    May 20, 2021

    Reblogged this on Ann's Corner and commented:

    My Mum passed away in Scotland on Mother’s Day here in Canada…..
    I’m reposting this blog from 2013 when I first learned from the doctor in Scotland that my Mum was dying. I visited knowing it might be the last time I saw her, and it was….

    My journey with my Mum is ended, in a sense, but hers is just begun. I have to think of that when sadness overwhelms me…
    She is free and happy and able to move and dance with joy again as she used to, now with Jesus.

    I shared a song on my phone with my Mum one day when I visited her 8 years ago….it was my prayer for my Mum. Though she was largely unresponsive, she held my hand tight and a tear went down her cheek as she listened. It was one of the very precious moments we shared

    Fly to Jesus!
    I think she made it l!
    Home to Jesus, to freedom….
    That gives me joy amid the sadness!

    My prayer throughout the years has always been for her communion with God, despite her general unresponsiveness, due to her condition. She can now experience that in all its fullness.
    That is comforting… ❤


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