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Miss Whiskers

Just taking a moment to remember one of my cats, Miss Whiskers. Here she is, seated on the table in my old house, right before I told her to get off! I don’t like cats on the table, but it just looked like a cute pic, so I snapped it before I shoo’ed her away.

It’s a bittersweet memory, since I left home suddenly in a crisis and I’m afraid I do not know what really happened to my cats after I was gone. I was in such a depression, then cancer arrived and I relocated from my remote community to town for ease of medical services.

Things got to be a bit of a blur after that, until I got well again. By then, I was living in a place where, sadly, I could not have pets at all. Rent is very reasonable but those are the conditions.

I did love my cats very much. It’s hard for me to think about this now, but this is a good memory to have.

Miss Whiskers…..


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