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Where Are You From?

Are you a multi local, like me? I never know what do do with the question “Where are you from?”. I was born in Scotland, but I live in Canada, … Continue reading

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Buddy. For You and Your Dog. This sounds like a great idea for some dogs and dog owners. It would be a very comforting connection and a great way to locate your missing dog. I … Continue reading

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Goodnight WordPress

Goodnight 😉 AJ ❤

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Outside vs Inside

Sign outside the door…. And the sign inside when I went to explore the “good food” options…. Haha! 😉 Some senior citizen having a moment of craziness. I’m not alone … Continue reading

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Bear in Bed

I saw this at Rivercity Mobility Ltd, a medical supply store selling all kinds of mobility equipment, in one of the windows, where there is usually just an empty bed … Continue reading

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Nee-nah” or “woo-woo? The Big Debate.

Haha! Well???????? Is it “nee-nah” or “woo-woo” ? What do YOU say? AJ 😉

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Retired? (a poem) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Abed at dark Awake with the lark Staying in bed Napping instead Dreaming those dreams A good thing, it seems Nowhere to go Nothing to do … Continue reading

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Fog, a Poetry Challenge

FOG This GREY fog lies like a blanket Concealing everything Muting the world In its suffocating embrace Ann Justin, Jan 26, 2014 (Written for a Poetry Challenge on Christian … Continue reading

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Dogmatic Bunny vs Scientific Bunny

   This reminds me of so many online discussions, especially those pertaining to faith. I think asking questions and searching for answers is a healthy approach. Closed mindedness never has … Continue reading

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Thank You!

A big thanks to all those who have “liked” my blog page on Facebook! I am trying for a minimum of 30 likes at the moment ( I have 18), … Continue reading

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Worship Music

   (A page out of my bible) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Listening to free scripture songs, by Robert Evans, which is proving to be a very pleasant experience on this Sunday evening. Simple … Continue reading

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Reaching Out to the World

Originally posted on I Read Encyclopedias for Fun:
Welcome. I see you’re from Earth. That’s great, because I want to have visitors from all over the world. So, here’s what…

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Out of the Mouths of Babes…..

A Special Moment “Grandma, did you know Jesus cries tears for me when I hurt?” I said, “That’s because Jesus loves little children.” “But Grandma, He cries for grown ups … Continue reading

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Another Milestone!

WordPress just informed me…    It has been about a year at WordPress. Celebrating in true “Queen” style 😉 (It’s a fun pic from a volunteer appreciation night, thus the … Continue reading

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New Vancouver Island medical simulation centre provides students with real-life scenarios

This intrigues me….. ************************************ The $2.9 million centre will be working in partnership with Island Health, the University of Victoria, and the University of British Columbia Faculty of Medicine. Source: … Continue reading

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Source: WHAT I REALLY NEED This blog from someone in prison really spoke to me of the universal need for love, no matter our circumstances, so I am reposting it here. … Continue reading

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Robin Williams on Depression | [QUOTES]

Originally posted on Survivors Blog Here :
I’ve noticed this post gets hits everyday so I thought it’d be worthwhile to repost it. X Chris “I think the saddest people always…

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A Coffee Kiss 

  Coffee Kiss Sculptures by Chinese Artist Johnson Tsang     Just love this piece of artwork! ❤     And again….    This one is HOT! 😉 And gorgeous 🙂 Hehe … Continue reading

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Stolen Body Parts?

Too funny not to share with y’all 😉 My Thighs Were Stolen From Me… My thighs were stolen from me during the night of August 3rd a few years ago. … Continue reading

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Asking for Help – Please Share and Help Me Find My Sister

You never know which link might help find the person you are looking for, so I am happy to reblog this for Jason……

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Ministry of Silly Walks

   This is a favourite of mine. Something to laugh about, if you share my weird British sense of humour, I guess 😉 AJ 😉

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Million Dollar Improvements? I was so upset about what I read that I wrote a response to this article in our newspaper, online, as follows: “This is all well and good, and … Continue reading

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“Amidst the chaos of the cities, a part of you always yearns for the silence of the woods.” Ram Mohan ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Just realizing what a circus of noise this place … Continue reading

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E-Mail Rebellion

   E mail notifications I’m looking at the little red number on my emails with some loathing. I don’t want to know that there are 70 emails waiting for my … Continue reading

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United States Of Secrets

Wow! I just watched both parts of this movie on Netflix, and it really opened my eyes! Scary stuff! If by chance you have not seen it, give it a … Continue reading

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Multi Purpose Travel Jacket

Amazing!  I want one! Please?????? 😛 It’s kinda like a dream come true for traveling, but for any other time too. No need to pack an extra bag for all … Continue reading

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Love in Action

This made me cry out, cry tears and smile real big all at the same time! How wonderful to see real love in action 🙂 If our love doesn’t have … Continue reading

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Expectancy, Not Expectation

(Originally written in my Facebook Notes, September 8, 2010) ********************************* As I mull over some recent life experiences, I begin to see disappointment and disenchantment for what they really are……both … Continue reading

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Yes I have done this a few times!

Originally posted on Momentary Lapse Of Sanity:
I only did this once. I’m so glad I had the opportunity! I had been trying to have a child for years, to no avail. Then it happened! I would … Continue reading

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Politics At Home

Politics in my area. Elections coming. How to vote…..hmmmm. Federal Election 2015: North Island-Powell River riding 

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WordPress Stats Lag

Has anyone out there noticed a definite lag in WordPress stats? There doesn’t seem to be much correlation between what is happening in real time and what shows up for … Continue reading

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Wireless Earbuds!

   Sounds and looks great! I like that the little carry case is the charging unit as well. Love hearing about all the innovations at indiegogo!

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Communion, Grief and Hope

   We all took communion together at my church today, for the second Sunday in a row. Usually it’s an individual thing, or a small group, or a family taking … Continue reading

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~ Butterflies are self propelled flowers

Originally posted on Let it come from your heart:
Self propelled flowers…. I love that ❤ Let it come from your heart View original post

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   Hope The hope of the rest of our tomorrows is written on today’s blank slate. AJ Heavenly Father, thank You for Your love and for Your mercies, which are … Continue reading

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   It won’t pay for the tow, of course, but finding the $50 might be a bit of a consolation 😉 Haha! AJ 🙂

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Being Found in Him

Being Found in Him (originally posted as a note on my Facebook, ) Thoughts from today’s devotional reading (Our Daily Bread, Philippians 3:1-11) Just what came to mind as I … Continue reading

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Don’t Tell Me About Your Jesus, unless…..

I loved this message from Ann Voskamp, so I am sharing it here…. Our life is still our best witness…..

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Panic Attack!

   Panic Attacks/Fear of Death A friend on Facebook asked a question about panic attacks. It got me thinking. I have a memory from younger years, when I was still … Continue reading

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