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Monthly Archives: September, 2015

Where Are You From?

Are you a multi local, like me? I never know what do do with the question “Where are you from?”. I was born in Scotland, but I live in Canada, … Continue reading

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Buddy. For You and Your Dog. This sounds like a great idea for some dogs and dog owners. It would be a very comforting connection and a great way to locate your missing dog. I … Continue reading

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Goodnight WordPress

Goodnight 😉 AJ ❤

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Outside vs Inside

Sign outside the door…. And the sign inside when I went to explore the “good food” options…. Haha! 😉 Some senior citizen having a moment of craziness. I’m not alone … Continue reading

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Bear in Bed

I saw this at Rivercity Mobility Ltd, a medical supply store selling all kinds of mobility equipment, in one of the windows, where there is usually just an empty bed … Continue reading

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Nee-nah” or “woo-woo? The Big Debate.

Haha! Well???????? Is it “nee-nah” or “woo-woo” ? What do YOU say? AJ 😉

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Retired? (a poem) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Abed at dark Awake with the lark Staying in bed Napping instead Dreaming those dreams A good thing, it seems Nowhere to go Nothing to do … Continue reading

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Fog, a Poetry Challenge

FOG This GREY fog lies like a blanket Concealing everything Muting the world In its suffocating embrace Ann Justin, Jan 26, 2014 (Written for a Poetry Challenge on Christian … Continue reading

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Dogmatic Bunny vs Scientific Bunny

   This reminds me of so many online discussions, especially those pertaining to faith. I think asking questions and searching for answers is a healthy approach. Closed mindedness never has … Continue reading

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Thank You!

A big thanks to all those who have “liked” my blog page on Facebook! I am trying for a minimum of 30 likes at the moment ( I have 18), … Continue reading

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