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Have You Seen Jesus?

April 4, 2010

Read the following bible passages and be blessed!

John 1: 1-18

Romans 6

1 John , chapter 1 and 5

Have you seen Jesus?

Have you really SEEN Jesus? Because if you have, your life will be CHANGED!

Look at what happened. These men and women actually walked and talked with Jesus, not really knowing, not really understanding completely who He really was……not knowing the miracle of resurrection that was about to take place, that they personally would WITNESS and TESTIFY to with such conviction that death, personal safety, held no fears for them. They had utter CONFIDENCE in who He was, in what He had done.

What testimony has God given YOU of His reality in YOUR life? Will others come to know Him because of your experience with Him, because you MET Him, because you walked with him through this life, because of your CERTAINTY that He is indeed who He says He is and will DO what He says He will do?

“The risen Christ is powerfully present in and through all who know Him” DB, April 4, 2010, David McCasland

1 John 1: 1-4, that your joy may be full

1 John 5: 1-13, that which we have SEEN, HEARD, LOOKED UPON and HANDLED, and verse 13, that you may KNOW that you have eternal life, this is the true GOD and eternal life (verse 20)

John 20:31, that you may BELIEVE

Acts 2:8, you shall be WITNESSES to me

1 John 5: 6, 7, and 8

Spirit, water and word

How we can walk in newness? We do this by the power of the indwelling SPIRIT, by the washing of the WATER of the WORD (the living WORD), Ephesians 5:26, by the BLOOD of Christ (God in the flesh) shed for our sin……

Trinity : Father, Son and Spirit, the complete work in us.

Walk in the (power of the )Spirit………..Live in the (truth of the)Word……….Trust in the (efficacy of the) Blood


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