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A Year Gone By…..

(A sort of poem…….)

A Year Gone By

I’m so surprised a year is gone.
I don’t quite know what happened.
But, on reflection, that’s a lie.
I’ve been here since it opened.

A failed romance. So many died.
Cancer came to visit.
(I thought it left some time ago
I really didn’t miss it)

But God’s still here, and He still cares.
I know He holds me fully.
I take this year and lift it up
And quiet the spirit unruly.

So much I need be thankful for
As this year nearly closes.
Who am I to question things?
A phrase that this mind poses.

Dear God….

Thank You for life’s many blessings.
So many I can mention.
Food, friends, shelter, hope.
Faith is my intention.

So on I go into the fray
As fast the year comes new.
I look ahead with gratitude
And raise my eyes to You.

You never fail, You give me joy
Where previous none existed.
Thank You God for everything.
In praise my heart is lifted.


Welcome, 2023!

Happy New Year, EVERYONE!

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