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A Problem Discussed…..

A Facebook post from December 30, 2020


What is on my mind (since Facebook asked) is that I am worried about people thinking that taking this vaccine solves the problem of the virus, when it has been made very clear that the status quo, restrictions etc, will continue on for a very long time, despite having taken the shot. It certainly isn’t the “be all and end all” of it. It isn’t a simple situation. It’s not a guaranteed solution, as some of you know.

Another worry I have is that so many people do not read vaccine inserts to even find out what is about to be put into the body of the recipient or the dangers involved. It’s really important to know. People so often do not ask for info. Ask for it. Read it. Take your time. Think about it. Then decide.

It’s important that we have a measure of trust in our health officials but they are not infallible and we need to take the responsibility of doing our own research too. Learn as much as you can to be able to make an informed decision. Then do what you must.

I’ve made a habit of reading the fine print all my life and try my best not to sign up for anything I do not either understand completely or agree with. I like to do as much research as I can from all angles to get the whole picture. It’s harder to do that these days because there is heavy censorship on the internet that we all use to improve and expand our knowledge. The people in charge of the internet of all things today have a vested financial interest in controlling what we can see or learn, though there are ways around that for people who really want to find info.

I know some of you will not like me posting this, will possibly think all kinds of negative things about me, might be disappointed in me, or angry with me, but I am doing what I feel personally that I have to and I can’t NOT say these things now. I have my reasons.

If you have a problem with it, or just want to know more about why I am saying this, you could message me privately. I don’t wish to start a “war of words” on this post.

Thanks for “hearing” me…… ❤


This was on an old Facebook post, I don’t mind if you write a response here in my blog.

It would be interesting to hear some of your perspectives….


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