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The Lesson in the Window

December 2, 2022

Another draft post I found that was never published!!!!

So, here it is!


June, 2018

The Lesson in the Window



I saw her in the display window trying to smooth out the coating which would serve to hide what was stored in the bay window. It looked like quite the job! I know I have enough trouble trying to install a similar protective cover onto an iPad or iPhone, which are MUCH smaller projects! This looked like a tough assignment!

Much later, many days later in fact, I was going my wall walk and I noticed the patterns in the window coverings where I had seen her diligently working. I stopped to look.  Oh my!!!!! I had to take a pic, or even several, to try to capture what I was seeing….

What I had suddenly seen there, to my delight, was a marvelous display of the most intricate designs, as if an artist, perhaps even a First Nations artist, had been busy creating something of beauty! WOW!!!


I saw swirls and loops and lacy designs, a bird even with outspread wings, amongst the many patterns.

It looked like a work of great imagination!


I went into the store to see the lady who worked there and she came out to look. She said….”All I see is a MESS”. She was too caught up in what she had tried to do, and obviously failed to do, that she did not see what I was seeing until she looked closely. Then she said, “Oooooh, I should do that to the other windows!”


As I thought later about what I had seen and heard, I realised that God sees all of our “messes”. He sees our struggles. They are REAL, but our God is REAL and very PRESENT in everything. 

He takes our disappointing messes and our frustrating struggles and weaves it altogether into something we could never have imagined. Something of delicately wondrous beauty, which He will eventually reveal to us. Then we understand that what we thought was a mess, was something that he was working into a comprehensive design  that would amaze and perhaps even captivate and delight us at some future point in time.

God’s lessons are everywhere, if we will recognize them, and this was the lesson in the window.

AJ ❤ ❤ ❤

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