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Conversion vs Regeneration…..

Jan 10, 2018

I love my old worn out Oswald Chambers devotional. I rescued it when it was totally falling apart from use, by putting the pages into my late husband Jim’s old forestry notebook he kindly let me use. It’s a treasure to me.

I was very glad for this reading today, one I am revisiting, because it covers the entire process of salvation in a simple, short presentation. It was a good reminder.

I do see many conversions that seem to go nowhere. There is no observable evidence of change in the life of some individuals after the conversion event. The person does not move towards regeneration, which is an act of new spiritual birth, by the grace of God, into the family of God.

Spiritual growth may just be something dormant for a period, or real inner change may just never come about. I can’t see conversion as meaningless or worthless because it is something that comes out of the grace of God to us and I don’t believe anything God does is a waste or lacks purpose.

I do see people who move from conversion to regeneration, this special rebirth of the soul, who become excited about that single event and then get stuck there. Again, there is a lack of observable change in that life.

There is no visible application of what has taken place spiritually to daily living. We cannot know what is going on inside the life of that person. We don’t see it. We can question whether there is really evidence of salvation. I choose to believe that God is at work behind the scenes.

I have seen people who are openly and visibly in the process of sanctification. It’s an amazing thing to witness God at work practically in the daily life of an individual. That process will take a lifetime……

I like the simple clarity of this reading….

Here is a link to the online reading: Opened Sight

There is also an app now for My Utmost, which means you can access it on your phone, anywhere, anytime, in the old classic version I show here, or the new version, or both!




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