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A Strange Call

Draft Post: Oct 6, 2017

I have been plagued by strange phone calls lately…….the following a few minutes ago…


Foreign Sounding Voice: ” Is this Miss Justeeeeeen? ” 

Me, in hesitation: “Yes, why?” 

Voice: “I am calling from the (jumbled) hydro board and we notice your hydro bill is currently exceeding more than $80.00 a month….” 

Me, puzzled and again hesitant:


Voice: ” Just a minute, Miss Justeen, I am calling from the (jumbled) hydro board ……”

Me: ” WHERE?”

Voice: ” Miss Justeeeeen….I am going to connect you with my supervisor, please stay on the line……” 

Receding Footsteps and New Voice: ” Good morning Ms Justin, I am blah blah blah from the ( jumbled) hydro board…” 

Me: ” Where exactly?”

” ….from the (jumbled) hydro board and we see that you are currently paying too much for your electricity….”

Me: ” No…….. I am not”

Voice: ” But Ma’am, you are living in BC, are you not?”

Me: “Yes, but…..

Voice, over riding: Ma’am we would like to help you cut your costs by coming and installing a piece of equipment which simply plugs into an outlet and will reduce your electrical expenses……….”

Me: ” No thank you, goodbye”

Voice, trailing away despairingly as I put down the phone: ” “Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy………..”


Update from original draft:

Dec 15, 2022

Scam calls……

I guess some of these callers have to make a living somehow.

It’s too bad that so much deception is involved….

I wonder how it affects them?


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