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Snow Day!

I saw the snow when I got up this morning and knew I would have to cancel my kettle shift, even though it’s not that far from where I live. I don’t want to take the little smart car on the roads, and even walking would not really be safe in these conditions. Sad……l

I love doing the Salvation Army Kettle shift. It helps them feed and care for people in our town, but it also energizes me in my encounters with people as they pass by. I get to smile at them and greet them. Some are ready for that, and others are not. I just love to see a person light up when they do respond! It makes it worthwhile, donation or not!

Anyway, I decided to go out to check my car, and I took some pics!

Heading down from 4th floor….

Further downstairs, front parking lot….

Back door from inside….

Stepping out!

Aha! Little snow plough has arrived!

My little smart car…..

Love the empty circle on the back!

He’s pretty busy in the next door parking lot!

Socked in…..

Snow perched on mirror…..

Fascinating snow pattern! Look closely!


Front view…..

Deep footprints….

How many inches on the poor table?

Back in the lobby to find a welcoming offer of coffee by donation……

I’m home. My porch, a bird leaves it’s calling card! And……OOPS! Oh dear!!!! It’s time to clean around my door frame!!!! Haha!!!! Sorry about that….gets out the cleaning stuff and vigorously attacks the door frame!!!!

There! I took you with me! Hope you enjoyed the little trip!

How is YOUR snow day where YOU are?

Ann ❤

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