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This One Needs To Taste Heaven…..

This is an old writing from 2014 that I found in my notes and decided to post. I do not recall the incident shared with me, the friend who shared it, or why I was led to write the “poem” but here it is.


Jan 26, 2014

Poem that came out of a sermon this morning, from Matthew 5:38-48, and on reflection about a conversation with a dear friend who was troubled about a certain difficult situation the other day…..


He “spat” on me….

My pride was wounded.

His eyes were dark and cold

Mean spirited

Am I to LOVE him?

He called me his “slave”

I was offended

His arrogance was unbelievable

A shame

Must I FORGIVE him?

He is an abuser

A user

He is proud and conceited

A dictator…..

Must I turn the other cheek?

I want to hurt him

I want to see him flounder

He deserves to look foolish

A masquerade!

Am I to care?

My Father in heaven whispers deep in my soul

“My sun shines upon the just and the unjust

My rain falls on each…

Turn the other cheek”

“Vengeance is mine. I will repay.”

“Love this enemy

Heap him with coals of kindness

Recall My unfailing grace to you

It is yours to share”

“Forgive as you have been forgiven”

“You are already My child

Precious, born of My Spirit

You know my love

This one needs to taste heaven”

“Point him to Me”

“I will forgive his iniquity and heal all of his disease…..

I have said it, and I will do it

Be ye perfect….

Love as I love”

“My child”

So be it, Lord

According to Your will

Your perfect plan

Your purpose


Ann Justin @annj49

Jan 26, 2014

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