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Weight Watchers. REALLY?!?!?

My Weight Watcher’s Journey

Feb 17, 2018

My dear friend, Eva, messaged me and said she was going to begin Weight Watchers. I thought it was a good idea, but when she invited me to join, I was reluctant, having used a couple of different methods of tracking calories (which worked, but were tedious!). I had regained that lost weight. Besides, I could not afford it! However, another good friend of mine was enthused and offered to help me out with expenses for the program so I reluctantly went. I’m not comfortable in group things, even ladies’ groups, so it was a difficult start to have to go to a meeting, but I got through that and I decided to join with Eva. My weigh in at 198.8, with clothes. Oh well.


I’m half way through my first week of Weight Watchers. It’s a life changing experience!

I had been very overweight in 2003, and lost lots by various methods but in the last two years or so gained back some, close to half! Doing this because the thought of regaining all that weight is too scary!


Feb 24

2nd meeting. Lost 5 lbs and for a sticker for my little tracking book. Yay! Haha! This is not so bad…..

Thankful for friendships!!!

Onward ho! 😉

(Will keep you posted)

AJ ❤

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