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“Planet of the Grapes”

Jack Knox

“Planet of the Grapes”

A very clever Times Colonist article by John Knox on the political scenario currently playing out between Alberta and B.C. in a delightful, comically “historical” and somewhat military style format. It’s all about pipeline disagreements and the provincial trade “war” that is creating between the two provinces….


A little more info on the situation, from another article…

The war is on! Oh my!

I don’t like the pipeline, period. I have lived in the presence of an oil spill on the beautiful beaches of the west coast of Vancouver Island, and seen the disastrous effects on the environment first hand. Ugh.

However, I know we must have business and use resources efficiently to work towards a sustainable economy. It has to have safeguards. Making sure it does is a worthwhile process.

The bickering and tit for tat business is a bit ridiculous. I’m glad someone like Jack Knox can poke a bit of fun at a serious situation. Love the March 22 entry about the “Raging Grannies”. Haha!!!!! 😉

I hope you enjoy the Knox article. I know I got a kick out of it….

AJ O.o….. 😉

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