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Guard Thy Lips

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Guard Well Thy Lips

The following poem, each line of which is based upon a verse of Scripture, was sent in by Mrs. Annabeth Cartwright of River Forest, Illinois. She found it, yellowed with age, among some old papers of her grandfather’s.

Guard Well Thy Lips

Guard well thy lips none, none can know (Prov..13 13).

What evils from the tongue may flow: (James..3-5,6).

What guilt, what grief may be incurred (Judges11..35).

By one  incautious, hasty word.(Mark 6..22 25 26).

Be slow to speak, look well within (Prov…4..5).

To check what there may lead to sin: (James 1..25).

And pray unceasingly for aid (Col 4 ..2).

Lest, unawares, thou be betrayed. (Luke 21..34).

“Condemn not, judge not”-not to man (1Cor 4…5).

Is given his brother’s faults to scan: (Matt 7…3.

The task is thine and thine alone…(Matt 7…5).

To search out and subdue thine own. (1Cor 9…27).

Indulge no murmurings: oh, restrain (Phil 2…14).

Those lips so ready to complain (Job 27…4).

And if they can be numbered, count (PS 103 2..3).

Of one day’s mercies, the amount (Lam 3:23).

Shun vain discussions, trifling themes: (Titus 3…9).

Dwell not on earthly hopes and schemes:  (Matt 6.34).

Let words of wisdom, meekness, love (James 3..13).

Thy heart’s true renovation prove (Luke 6..45).

Set God before you: Every word (Ps 57…5).

Thy lips pronounce, by Him is heard:  (Ps 139…4)

Oh, could’st thou realize this thought (Luke 12…2)

What care, what caution be taught: (Luke 12..3

The “time is short,” this day may be (1 Cor. 7:29)

The very last assigned to thee ; (Eph. 5 :16)

So speak, that shouldst thou ne’er speak more, (Col. 4:2.)

Thou may’st not this day’s words deplore. (Rom. 14:16)

NOTE: This poem is a combination of 2 versions found via google:

Originally, I found this one:

Then I found an additional last verse in the one at the link below, so from that version I corrected one scripture verse in the Cartwright version, and added the last verse in italics) into the Cartwright version:

*Special thanks to my sister-in-law, Martha, for bringing this one to my attention via a Facebook post today 🙂

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