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Celebrating a Different Kind of Loss

April 22, 2018

I am currently on a journey with Weight Watchers. It’s interesting, challenging, at times frustrating, and most definitely a learning experience!




It’s going quite well, I think. I signed up February 17 at 198.8 pounds. On a previous weight loss journey, I had gone from over 230 lbs down to 167 lbs. I either had not properly noticed the gradual climb in weight, or just had not cared enough to do something about it. My “blindness” was convenient, but as I approached the 200 lb mark again, I became a bit apprehensive. Did I really want to go back THERE?????








However, I lacked motivation. I had become more sedentary for various reasons. Vertigo was one. Yoga was no longer doable. Walking was precarious. Weight routines were a no-no. Even standing in church to sing was difficult. Square dance was out too. My night’s rest was interrupted. I often felt sick. It was trying.




In a very timely fashion, a friend decided to embark on the Weight Watcher’s journey (her sister had started) and she asked me to join her. I said an emphatic NO, mainly because it was too expensive and I wasn’t sure I relished the idea of a group like that. Not that I knew anything about it. I didn’t. I just dismissed the idea.

Another friend thought I should do it and actually offered to pay for a trial period. Again, I said NO, for different reasons. I could not do this. I did not WANT to.

However, thanks to the persistence of these two dear ones, I found myself at my first Weight Watcher’s meeting! There I was, weighing in at 198.8 lbs and sitting uncomfortably in a group of women of assorted shapes and sizes, listening to their stories.

Life then became a matter of watching my food intake, counting Smart Points, living within a food “budget” and watching my weight. I have been so busy with all of that, I have not had the time to post here much.




I’m in my 10th week right now. In the space of 9 weeks I have lost 19.2 pounds, which is something to celebrate! A LOSS to CELEBRATE! So close to 20 pounds in 9 weeks! Who would have thought?



This is 20 lbs of FAT!!!!!


I imagine 20 lbs of butter hanging from my neck and think WOW! That’s amazing! I feel so much better, so much more in control than before. 




I am back to being more active these days. The vertigo disappeared, thankfully! life is looking up! I am happier. I’m enjoying the Weight Watcher’s group and also the wonderful  support online with Connect.

I am very thankful for friends and for a workable program of weight control. Today a lady friend and I celebrated our losses together over a nice low point brunch ❤




So, this story explains the title of my blog today. I am looking forward to this different kind of LOSS and celebrating each small loss as I go……it’s rewarding!

Sometimes loss is a very GOOD thing 😉

Ann 😉


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