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Busy Day

Well, I’ve been busy!

The morning began with yoga, weights and mall walking. Yoga was great as usual. I felt good about all the moves and I know I got a thorough all over stretch.

Weights felt empowering. They are only 5 lbs but I think the 3 set routine we do is pretty powerful. I like it. After that was done, I put my things in the senior center and went mall walking.

The mystery man I wrote about on another post was missing. I had a moment of panic, wondering if he died, moved away, or had seen my blog about him somehow  and moved somewhere else for his coffee break 😉 Thankfully, he showed up on my third of five trips around the mall.

He was joined today by another fellow. I wondered whether he missed his solitude at all. I think personally I would have felt put out by the presence of another person in my private oasis. He actually saw me today and I gave him a quick smile 😉

I did some really energetic laps today due to the stirring music played by the lady in charge of the chair exercise group. I was really moving! So were they! It was fun!

Back at the Senior’s center, I had a delicious potato leek soup and half an egg sandwich for lunch, which cost me $4.50 and was delightful. I started a fascinatingly detailed jigsaw puzzle of a carousel in the game room. I wish I had taken a pic. DUH!

I went home to get ready for my afternoon dentist appointment. It was just a check up. They took x-rays with a strange machine and pics inside the mouth with some tiny thing they looked like a miniature flashlight. 

I noticed my two leaning wisdom teeth on the left side. The attendant doing the work said I had none on the right, so we joked about my left handed wisdom. At least I have some!

The dentist came to do his check up and said that unfortunately for him, he is not going to make any money out of me for a while 😉 I’m glad because I don’t need any more bills to pay! I don’t go back ’til November. Bad news for him is good news for me!

Next on the list was my friendly visiting appointment with an elderly client, Molly. We have tea and digestive cookie “sandwiches” with butter in between, a trick remembered from growing up in Scotland. She is English and remembers that too. We chat up a storm and time flies.

Home for a shower and get ready for square dance tonight! Looking forward to swirling and twirling and generally having a good time. It’s quite a social affair.

That’s it, folks! My busy day!

AJ ❤

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