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How to Write With a Whip

This is a GREAT article on writing, outlining common obstacles we face and lending some much needed inspiration.

I love the “whip” analogy!
“Think of the motion a whip takes as it heads to its destination. At the onset, its tip follows the motion of the handle, looping around and gaining momentum. The wielder keeps focus and at just the right time, with a relatively small change of direction and velocity, sends the tip to its destination with a sonic boom! In the same way, planning time to write can begin with motion away from your target, and then loop into a furious concentration of energy in a planned burst that makes a tremendous impact! Then the whip pulls back to the hand of the planner, who recoils it and gets ready for the next big move.”

I’m going to be considering that!

Joan T. Warren: Heart to Heart

Ever get caught up in frustration that there’s just not enough time to write?

Between working full time, homemaking, investigating information we need to write, and a few other significant endeavors, like parenting, many aspiring writers feel they’ve been “tied to the whipping post!”

(Here you may imagine I inserted a video of the Allman Brothes playing the song, “Whipping Post.” Or, you can go to You Tube yourself, leaving me no copyright issues.)
Tired of feeling whipped? Let’s take that WHIP in hand, turn it around, and get cracking!

First, let’s clearly identify the factors that WHIP us, ie., detract from our writing time:

W is for working! While some writers are fully financed by someone or something, most of us have to work full-time to keep that ever-so-important roof over our heads and food in our bellies! When we think about just how much time work takes, it…

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