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Smelling Chocolate

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(This is a copy of an old Facebook post, with names removed, except for mine)


Ann: Can’t figure out why I keep smelling CHOCOLATE!

MT: Check your pockets

Ann: 1 package of Chai Tea, $4.35 in change, an old gum in a wrapping and a note of complaint from the lady downstairs……..
No chocolate!

HC: you two are cracking me up lol

Ann: What’s in YOUR pockets?

MT: Oh dear, how about behind your ears?

HC: I’m in jammies

MT: Got no pockets

Ann: No chocolate on my hands, no wrappers anywhere, I think my ears are chocolate free, though I did check my hair and it seems to be normal

MT: Ran out of ideas.

RH: Maybe the neighbour is making a cup of hot choc and ur nose detects it 🙂

Ann: It’s so strong…….

Ann: And wonderful

MT: Look under your heaters

Ann: At least smelling it isn’t fattening

Ann: Good one, MT!

MT: Never know where those silly things will hide.

MT: Any luck?

Ann: No

Ann: Well, I gave in and had Nutella toast 🙂

Ann: Nose all stuffed up from the cold and I can STILL smell chocolate????

TNT: LOL Ann – as long as you don’t smell burning toast!


Ann: None left……

Ann: That’s why I can’t understand smelling it

NBBN: Ha haaa!

PC: Its in your very pores. Its a grandma thing 😉


PS. I never did find the source of the chocolate smell, though I searched high and low 😉

AJ 😉

3 comments on “Smelling Chocolate

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  2. Deb
    January 15, 2016

    I go with the pores suggestion:-).


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