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Confusion. FB Pages & Blog Posts. Part 1

A LONG 3 part story!

A blogger friend posted his year stats today on Instagram. The stats went from the 50 thousand high a few years back down to a 25 thousand “low” so far this year.

I giggled inside because my own stats for the same period go from a high of 6,559 to a current low of 4, 052. Mine is a drop in the bucket that barely registers as far as the stats of any prolific blogger go….

Both of us have suffered drops due to not being able to give enough attention to the world and work of blogging. It DOES require attention in order to be successful though it can hum along to a degree resting upon previous “laurels”. It amazes me that I get any traffic at all when I have been so negligent….

When I was looking into this sad scenario, I suddenly noticed something. I had written two posts this month at the encouragement of Facebook. The posts were a response to a message that rightly said I had not posted anything in a while for readers of two of my Facebook pages, Never Too Late, reflecting my journey to health, and, In Memory of Jim Justin, a memorial page for my late husband. I obediently wrote one post for each page, saw that they posted, and was satisfied.

Some time later, I saw that they had in fact both been entered mistakenly into my third Facebook page, Ann’s Corner, instead of into the correct respective pages. The Ann’s Corner page takes posts from my WordPress blog and posts them automatically into that Facebook page of the same name.

I was a bit shocked because the two posts are very specific in topic and in some ways more personal than what I usually post in my WordPress blog. They were only meant for the other two Facebook pages. One was meant for the health page and the other was meant for the memorial page for my husband and here they were in my blog????

Oh well, I thought. I guess at least I’ve done a couple of blog posts and that’s probably a good thing since I have been remiss. I may get some extra traffic at my WordPress blog!

I copied the posts and sent them to the correct Facebook pages. Rather than delete them from Ann’s Corner, I left them posted, since some at WordPress may have already viewed them.

I did not think to check my WordPress blog until today, when I checked my stats. That was when I saw that the posts had NOT transferred from Facebook over to WordPress after all! I guess that only works one way, from WordPress to Facebook, not the other way around!

So, here I am, reposting them into WordPress…..even though it was never my initial intention. This will be a 3 part story. I will try to link the other two posts to this one, by way of explanation.

Let’s see if I can succeed!

AJ (feeling somewhat confused) ❤

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