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Art Battle!

Facebook entry:

“Went to Campbell River Art Battle!

Wow, that was fun!

Kept us occupied for 3 hours!

Catch up with old friends too….

Delightful! 😀


I had never attended one of these events before so I was not sure what to expect. I love art, so I knew I would enjoy that aspect, but I wasn’t sure what exactly an art “battle” entailed. It was intriguing.

I was going with a friend who maybe wan’t that interested in art shows but agreed to go….we arrived and got in a long line up. Eventually we were adorned with pink bands which meant that we were over 16, haha!

The “guards” wanted to check in my purse. I’m not sure what they were looking for, but I was sure they would not find it, because even I can’t find anything in my purse! 😉 Then we waited for two people to come out so we could get in….

We were in!

Note the huge spider adorning the Tidemark Theater wall…..

There were half a dozen or so easels in a circle in the middle of the area, where a group of artists were to work on their canvasses. They would have exactly 20 mins to create a piece of work.

It was explained that potential viewers were to create a whirling “tornado” around the artists, to keep moving so that they could observe each work of art in progress! Children would be in the inner circle and adults on the periphery of the “tornado”. The artists were the immobile “cog” in the center, busily creating their very different masterpieces, on which we must cast our vote.


Benny Mcgrath, from the What’s On Digest, Campbell River


There were 3 rounds. 3 separate battles. The two winners from the first two rounds would enter the third battle round and a winner would be chosen from these 4 paintings. A drone was spotted hovering in the air above everyone, probably catching most of the activity below.

We watched the first round “tornado” of bodies from the sidelines, viewed the finished paintings, and voted. I joined the second round “tornado” and got a closer look at the creation of those paintings, and some video. Not sure I can post them here……I will try in a later post, but here are some pics for now.












It was exhilarating being part of the moving, dancing, joyful crowd, and seeing the different creative processes first hand. I had a good time! I have not enjoyed myself quite so much in a long time. The excitement was very contagious!!!!!!











For the third round, my friend and decided to sit on the sidelines again (only so much energy available for use at age 69), except that we took turns getting up and trying to catch sight of glimpses of the progress through the rotating crowd.

I took so many pics. There would be an auction of paintings but we were happily tired out, so we went home. I would be content with my pictures.

We did not hear who won the battle, but knew that person would go on to the next stage of the battle elsewhere. This process would continue until there was a final winner out of all the participating areas.

I hope this blog helped you catch some small part of the excitement of the day! It was a good 3 hours and I would do it again next year!

AJ ❤

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