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Alas, My Jar of Vaseline!


Love this. ❤
It’s a great piece of writing, akin to my aging heart ❤
And, to my propensity to keep and use things well beyond the expiry date!

Haha! 😉 😛

By David Ettinger

Such a Dilemma!
Obviously, this post is an aberration, a blip among my collection of biblically-based writings.

But, you see, this is a topic which cuts straight to the heart. It tears at every raw emotion I possess. It is a dagger which has been violently thrust deep into the very essence of my being.

The cause of my distress has to do with the noble, venerated, and dearly beloved jar of Vaseline you see in the picture. Technically, Vaseline is a brand name; the actual product is petroleum jelly, which is prominently featured on this dear jar’s label. It’s just that “petroleum jelly” is too long a name to put in a blog headline, or any headline, for that matter.

vaselineThe issue at-hand – the cause of my bitter suffering – is that this dearest of all friends is nearing the end of his life expectancy…

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