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Are you as tired of scams as I am? Lately there has been another spate of them. These ones are about owing taxes and potential arrest, which has been very scary for some in our senior’s building.

They call at first from unknown numbers, which might be possible to block from the phone, but then they start calling from familiar looking numbers, which makes not answering a bit tricky, since you think you might know the caller.

I especially have a problem blocking unknown callers because that’s so often how my brother calls from Scotland, and the call might be about my Mum, who is bedridden. So it’s always a problem for me.

I have been trying to reassure some elderly people in our building about all of this. These scams are really a scary thing for them. They come trembling with wide eyes wondering if they are in trouble and what they should do. Some have actually flowed instructions given on the phone…..

So concerning. I wish there was more we could do about this problem. Unfortunately, someone is sitting in a room somewhere on the phone lines trying to earn their living, I guess….

The scam I am going to share now is an oldie from 2011. I just found it in my Facebook memories, and thought I’d share it here as a blog post.


Hydro Board Scam, October 6, 2011

I have been plagued by strange phone calls lately…….the following a few minutes ago…


Foreign Sounding Voice: ” Is this Miss Justeeeeeen? ”

Me, in hesitation: “Yes, why?”

Voice: “I am calling from the (jumbled) hydro board and we notice your hydro bill is currently exceeding more than $80.00 a month….”

Me, puzzled and again hesitant:


Voice: ” Just a minute, Miss Justeen, I am calling from the (jumbled) hydro board ……”

Me: ” WHERE?”

Voice: ” Miss Justeeeeen….I am going to connect you with my supervisor, please stay on the line……”

Receding Footsteps and New Voice: ” Good morning Ms Justin, I am blah blah blah from the ( jumbled) hydro board…”

Me: ” Where exactly?”

” ….from the (jumbled) hydro board and we see that you are currently paying too much for your electricity….”

Me: ” No…….. I am not”

Voice: ” But Ma’am, you are living in BC, are you not?”

Me: “Yes, but…..

Voice, over riding: Ma’am we would like to help you cut your costs by coming and installing a piece of equipment which simply plugs into an outlet and will reduce your electrical expenses……….”

Me: ” No thank you, goodbye”

Voice, trailing away despairingly as I put down the phone: ” “Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy………..”

I hope you are not troubled by these calls, though it sure seems to be a common problem these days. A friend and I have been Rather mischievously thinking up various humorous ways to answer the phone and mess around with the caller. It’s entertaining and there are actually YouTube videos we found of people doing this. perhaps that is why the latest calls have resorted to mechanical automated voices to deliver their frightening message! Oh well!

Have a good day, hopefully free of scammers!


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  1. rawgod
    March 2, 2019

    Enjoy yourself. I surely do.

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