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Mystery Man


Mystery Man

I am getting back into my exercise routine again. Yoga x3 a week, followed by small weights routine, and then some laps around the mall.

I begin at the Senior’s center, and enjoy walking past all the stores. There are clothing stores with window displays, a little Christian bookstore, a health food store, a luggage store, a line dance class in action, my hairdresser’s shop where friendly staff wave as I motor by, and a place that sells equipment for the elderly, including walkers, scooters and motorized vehicles of all kinds. I have my eye on a cool little red one if I ever need to have such a thing.

I like that I can window shop without actually entering the stores and that I can greet different shoppers on the way. One man from yoga class said “You are energetic, aren’t you?”, to which I replied “Gotta walk!” as I motored by.

Sometimes there is a Seniors’ chair exercise class going on in the open area in the center of the mall. One time a boy had a remote helicopter flying around. Moms will take kids to play and run there. Sometimes there are craft sales set up, or a booth for photographs. People stop and rest. Sometimes it’s just empty.

I saw some signs outside the health food store today and was trying to read them quickly, when I spotted a little jacket hanging over one. As I walked by, it gave me pause to wonder who lost it and if the Mom would ever find it again. Ah well, motor on….

Passing the line dance class and smiling, thinking I’d like to try to learn, but I gave up after one confusing attempt 😉 It looks like such fun! And I love the music they pick.

Now I am approaching the mystery man, who sits on the bench engrossed in his iPhone, and sometimes leans back and naps or meditates, not sure. I pass him by on my walks but he is always completely absorbed. He intrigues me, sitting in his own little “island” of serenity.

He looks like a chef maybe, and I wonder where he works and why he chooses this as his rest spot. Sometimes he has a Timmy’s coffee.

I want to take his picture because something about the scene gets to me but I daren’t. I want to stop and try saying hi, but I am doing my “power” walk and like to keep the momentum going. So I pass him 3 or 4 times and wonder. He never looks up. I never stop. I smile at seeing him. He never sees.

Now I’m walking behind a tall fellow near the health food store who suddenly swoops up the little jacket and turns back. I smile at this very nice looking, greying, fellow and say “Found” as I motor past him. He says “Yes!” And I say “That’s great” over my shoulder. And I wonder…..must belong to the grandchild.

Today I have dared to snap two quick pics of the man who sits on the bench, one from behind and one from the front some distance away as I approached him. I don’t THINK he sees me, but who knows?

The next time I am approaching him his serenity seems to be ruffled. He is not relaxed and composed but leaning forward with his phone. I wonder……did he get some disturbing news? Or did he snap a pic of me snapping a pic of him?


Am I really a stalker! Oh no…..! I hope NOT! Haha! 😉

LOVE my mall walks 😉

AJ ❤

4 comments on “Mystery Man

  1. insanitybytes22
    February 13, 2015

    LOL! Cute post. I’m impressed by your energy. Be a stalker, it’s okay 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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