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My Little Red Truck


I really love my little red truck!

When I was interested in buying a new vehicle, I went to a dealership my niece recommended. The fellow and I had a conversation around what I was looking for. He knew that the vehicle had to travel miles of rough logging road. He said he’d let me know what he found in my price range.

When he called me, I was a little hesitant, but he really wanted to show me this truck. I was thinking big, mean monster, but said, “No, this will be perfect for you,” and he showed me this truck.

I fell in love at first sight. It’s so easy to drive and park it’s small and cute, and, best of all, RED!

The only problem I have with this truck is when I park in a lot amongst regular trucks and it is dwarfed so badly that I can’t find it! I have often come out of a store and wondered where my truck is, because, for the life of me, I just can’t spot it. Did someone steal it? Was it towed away? Where did it go? Then I find it hiding, nestled between a couple of those monster trucks, like a little baby between its parents.

My nephew bought me a flag and put it in the window, so that now I just look for the flag. It really helps. I just scan the area for a Canucks flag and there it is!

I was coming out of the hospital today, and with my usual propensity for forgetting where I had parked, was troubled by not being able to spot my truck. I know it should be right there somewhere, but WHERE? As I got closer, it became clear, and yes, there was my Canucks flag! Yay! Found again!


I’ve included in this story a very short video of my truck after a trip on the dirty logging roads. It’s an accidentally awesome clip with an interesting twist! It’s called “Split Truck”

ENJOY!!!! 😉

3 comments on “My Little Red Truck

  1. @St-Manuel
    February 14, 2015

    Love the little red truck and observation…so true. The flag is a great idea…but the Canucks?…I don’t know about that? Habs…for me.

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    • annj49
      February 14, 2015

      There is a story behind my support of the Canucks somewhere in my writings. It is in honour of my husband, Jim, who was a staunch supporter. I hated hockey and the long, loud games on TV in a houseful of men, but after he passed away, I took up the gauntlet of support for his team.

      I found one of the stories and will share it here:

      “James loved his Canucks, no matter how they fared in ratings. He watched all the games, sometimes with headphones on because I really did not like the noise……it would give me a migraine!

      We got to go to a live game when we were at KBI for bible school and that was a thrill for James. I must admit to going rather unwillingly! Perhaps that was why I left the tickets at home in La La Biche! 😉 There we were at the Stadium entrance in Edmonton and I could not produce our tickets! We were with a group of KBI students, who could vouch for us, so we were allowed in when the booked seats were obviously still empty at the start of the game! I found out that the live game was much more pleasant for me and actually enjoyed it very much!

      Though I did not necessarily share my husband’s love of hockey while he was alive, I have paid attention to the game in his honour since he passed away, and become a fairly avid and staunch fan…… 😉 ”

      Nothing like my Canucks! 😉

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      • @St-Manuel
        February 14, 2015

        Totally understand. We were all habs fans in the house especially my Dad. Every Saturday night was hockey night…we’d all get our snacks ready, sit in our usual chair…and then we were set. I don’t watch hockey as much now and right after my Dad passed away…hardly at all.

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