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My Day So Far….

I had hoped to get a good sleep last night so that I could make it out to yoga, weights and walking today. However, I had trouble getting off to sleep and then, once I had managed to fall asleep, my small but rather strident door bell woke me up at 2:30 am.

One of the men from our building, Bob, was in a bit of a panic. He was supposed to wake up a neighbour of mine, George, so that he could make it down island for his operation at 5 am. He had tried his door but it was locked. He had tried calling. He wanted to know if I had a key to George’s apartment. Now, George and I are good friends, but I don’t have a key to his door!

He was so panicked. I ask him what he wanted me to do. He said I should try calling him. I did. No reply. He left, saying he would try his door again.

I sat up with the lights on, in my dressing gown, now fully awake, anticipating another loud ring or soft knock. Nothing came. So I tried to sleep again.

I woke up (amazingly) in time for yoga class. A quick bite of breakfast, grab the water bottle and go. The class was great. I sure needed that bit of limbering up, that flexing and stretching, getting all the kinks out.

Weights went very well, squatting was easier than usual and lifting the 5lb weights up above my head was also easier than usual. It felt great. It’s a good 15 minute routine that we do (3 repetitions)

I walked the mall and counted steps to see what the shortened route was. It used to be over 600 steps once around, but they took a slice off one end of the mall by creating a wall, so now it is only 500 steps. I do that at least 4 times, sometimes 5, at as brisk a pace as I can manage. That also felt very good.

I said hello to the now not so mysterious Mystery Man (see a separate blog links below) as he came in a mall door I was passing and he said a cheery “Hi!” back to me. I thought about him and smiled to myself. I saw him in his usual spot as I did my rounds of mall walking. He was sipping his drink and studying his phone as usual. Sometimes he has a little nap, just leaning back and closing his eyes.

I finished walking and went into the Senior’s center to sit down and catch my breath. I went to the counter for a muffin, which I ate with great relish. It was time to go.

I went home and picked up my accordion, song book and music stand, and headed for the Lighthouse soup kitchen. Once there, I sat on the steps and played softly for a while ’til the rest of my team arrived.

We played and sang for a good hour. The folks there, the street people and the Lighthouse staff, really appreciate our music, and I just love to be involved in this activity. It’s a real blessing, doing two of my favourite things, singing and playing for people. The staff offer us lunch after we finish up,  usually some delicious soup with a bun and maybe a fruit or some other treat.

Now I’m home and feel like having a good little nap, which I can do. I don’t have anything else planned for the moment.

Oh, the life of retirement. Doing what you want pretty much when you want (apart from middle of the night visitors, that is)………

Haha! 😉


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