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Day 8 of Proverbs

May 16, 2015 Day 8 of Proverbs You don’t have to look very far for wisdom. The proverb tells us that wisdom is readily available, even crying out for you … Continue reading

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Knot Prayer


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Eurozone denies extension to Greek bailout

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New twist on common scam puts Calgary seniors in harm’s way

This happened to a lady in my building (Vancouver Island). She received a phone call from someone claiming an official capacity and representing her son, who had supposedly been in … Continue reading

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Excuse Me?

I spotted this sign on my mall walking route this morning, and just had to quit walking and take this photo. I could not believe my eyes! I understand that … Continue reading

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Stats Question

Does anyone know how to access the old map which would show a progression of countries the blogger has reached over time periods…a moth, a year, several years, to date? … Continue reading

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Someone is Wrong on the Internet

   My favourite, haha! 😉 AJ ❤

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Accidental Image

   I often take pics on my phone without knowing it. I love this one….. Can you guess what it is? AJ ❤

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Originally posted on Ann's Corner:
God still delivers……. God is still into deliverance…… I had a bout with depression, and God delivered me in an unmistakable way. I just…

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If Ever

If Ever If ever I liked you It was when you smiled And your eyes caught mine And held If ever I wanted you It was when we touched And … Continue reading

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Love Grows Old

Love Grows Old When love grows old And worn around the edges It is like a book well read And every page committed to memory Known and treasured But sometimes… … Continue reading

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David I hardly knew him. We sat on the beach At the party Exchanging small talk. I liked his gentle smile. He brought me a bunch of ferns As if … Continue reading

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A Woman

A Woman Into the calm of this morning There is not even a pebble To ripple the surface Of the waters of my mind I feel at peace with my … Continue reading

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Balderdash Big headed, bull mouthed lout Full of self importance Barging through the china shop of my mind Shattering my priceless, fragile ego With his cold and cutting “observations”. The … Continue reading

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Cooking 101: Strawberry Avocado Salsa

Mmmmmm…. Sounds so DELICIOUS!

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For Those Who Struggle On Sundays

Originally posted on john pavlovitz:
It’s Sunday here in America. For many people that means going to church; a place where they can find community and grow in faith and…

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Happy National Cancer Survivors Day!!! – Tell us how you survived or how you helped out?

4 years of health after a brush with cancer…. Many lifestyle changes…. Much gratitude…. Much hope 🙂

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Why E-Books Stink

Originally posted on See, there's this thing called biology…:
Actually e-books don’t stink, they smell like nothing. Gone is the stale musty scent of times gone by, the faint…

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How should we talk about mental health?

“People are liberated by laughing at themselves.” A good sense of humour goes a long way towards creating comfort with mental illness and reducing fear of those who suffer with … Continue reading

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A Stubborn Will

Dysfunctionality impedes progress. Sad, but true, unfortunately. 😦 Hoping and wishing for better things. God knows what’s best and for that, I am thankful. Here is a truth worth reading: … Continue reading

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Senior’s Center Benefits

This is my yoga class. Our row is not in the video, thankfully! 😉 However, I did get an interview after the class, to talk about what I thought were … Continue reading

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On Political Correctness

I’m not sure he’s worried about being politically correct…….   

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Mystery Man, cont.

May 31, 2015 Today I saw the intriguing Mystery Man (from my earlier blogs about mall walks……see link below) busy in his workplace! Yay! He was making sushi behind the … Continue reading

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Holes in U.S. airport security prompt changes in procedure

Hmmmm…… Scary findings! All that we put up with at airports, only to find out it’s not enough to keep us SAFE!

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The Staggering Question

I am never without hope for anyone, because I know what I was, and what I am, apart from the merciful grace of God in my life. We like to … Continue reading

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