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New twist on common scam puts Calgary seniors in harm’s way

This happened to a lady in my building (Vancouver Island). She received a phone call from someone claiming an official capacity and representing her son, who had supposedly been in an accident and needed funds. She checked with other family and found out it was a scam. However, the experience scared and unnerved her.

Global News

CALGARY – Police are warning Calgarians about a scary new twist on a scam used to target seniors.

Investigators were called to the community of Dalhousie on June 3rd, after a woman at a senior’s complex was approached by a con artist who talked her into giving him $2,500.

The suspect told the victim he was friends with her grandson, claiming he had been in an accident and needed money to pay his bail.

The scenario is one frequently used in so-called ‘grandparent scams’ – but police say they’re usually committed over the phone, not in person.

Officers say the fact that victims are now being targeted in one-on-one contact places them in danger.

In a second case earlier this month, an elderly woman was contacted over the phone by a man claiming to be her grandson. The suspect asked for money, telling the victim he would have a friend…

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