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Excuse Me?

I spotted this sign on my mall walking route this morning, and just had to quit walking and take this photo. I could not believe my eyes!

I understand that they don’t want anyone and everyone making use of the facilities. However, I do NOT understand how on earth they plan to “strictly enforce” this rule. My imagination has been running wild, and thus, this post.

I know they have cameras installed throughout the mall, but is someone somewhere sitting watching a screen just waiting to pounce on any would be illegal washroom user? If so, how exactly do they plan to enforce justice?

Will they meet the individual outside the washroom and arrest them? Will they issue a “Banned from the Mall” order to offenders? ? Will they report the incident to the police or do they have their own special washroom cop? Do they plan random washroom inspection “checkpoints” to ensure people using the washroom are in fact mall patrons? Will they take screen shots of the offending individuals and put them up on display, warning others about these inconsiderate and dangerous offenders?

How often do you need to go to the mall to be considered a mall patron? Hourly? Daily? Weekly? Monthly?

What if you visited the mall in the morning and needed to use the washroom in the afternoon? Would you need to produce a store receipt claiming proof of your recent patronage?

What about the little old lady who just couldn’t wait any longer? What about those tired Moms with young kids who just have to go somewhere NOW?

My ruminations and wonderings on this strange topic are plenteous. My bit of fun for the day 😉


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  1. Thumbup
    June 24, 2015



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